Hyde fast is an independent brand, created and inspired by the quirkiest and boldest tattoo artwork.  We seek and select the sickest illustrations from the tattoo world, and develop designs and characters to apply onto clothing and accessories under the name of Hyde fast. 

HF’s anti-conformist  nature can be appreciated from young audiences to old school crews. We gain inspiration from the British subcultures, hence our product ranges revisit classic styles such as the bomber and Harrington jackets to painted biker leather jackets with a Hyde Fast twist.

We have created a range of doodled characters which give meaning and life to our brand both graphically and narratively. Each one of them is rather dark, provocative and humorous  and there is a story within the collections. 

DIY from the start, the brand has always relied on its friends and family to provide support, direction and inspiration. From Day One, everything we’ve produced has come from a desire to celebrate the power and autonomy of the individual. This attitude is present throughout our graphics and clothing, and evidenced in the form of a slogan or message. 

Hyde Fast clothing is not part of the norm. We do not push conformity. Instead we aspire that our clothing is used as to connect with the individuals own original spirit; being able to express visually what they feel through our clothing. With our characters we make fashionable a positive and care free attitude, putting meanings behind every shirt/work/design. We don’t believe in conformity of any sort and we rather like to emphasise that.

We’re a collective of Italian creativity addicts, with an hispanic hint. All our members have lived in London for many years; experiencing the city at 360 degrees. Our illustrators and designers have all been involved in the underground artist and party scene, and our collective god is the freedom of expression either artistically but also behaviourally. We do not stick to the rules of society, and our message of freedom will be emphasised throughout our clothing!  also bringing out London’s raw creative energy..